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QR Current Versions For Delphi

QR Current Versions For Delphi Professional editions require a password. Delphi XE2 Win32 5.05 Professional QR505PDW32XE2.EXE Delphi XE Win32 5.05 Professional QR505PDW32XE.EXE Delphi 2010 Win32 5.05 Professional QR505PDW322010.EXE Delphi 2009 Win32 5.05 Professional QR505PDW322009.EXE Delphi 2007 Win32 5.02 Professional QR502PDW322007.EXE Delphi 2006 Win32 5.02 Professional QR502PDW322006.EXE Delphi 2005 Win32 5.02 Professional QR502PDW322005.EXE Delphi 7 5.02 […]

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Quick Report Development

QuickReport 5 Professional This version will have significant enhancements, while maintaining compatibility with QR4. Enhancements include New XML format to save documents. An alternative previewer which does not use metafiles, and allows drill-down and hot-links. Wide character set and UniCode support. Limited page previews. Saved report control to allow nested reports. Improved end-user designer, QRDesign. […]

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Current Quick Report Editions Professional editions require a password. C++Builder 2007 Win32 4.07 Professional QR407PC2007.EXE Delphi 2007 Win32 4.07 Professional QR407PD2007.EXE Delphi 2007 VCL.NET 4.06 Professional QR4VCLNETD2007.EXE Turbo Delphi Pro Win32 4.07 Professional QR406TD2006.EXE Delphi 2006 VCL.NET 4.06 Professional QR4VCLNETD2006.EXE Delphi 2006 Win32 4.07 Professional QR407PD2006.EXE Delphi 2005 VCL.NET 4.06 Professional QR406NET2005.EXE Delphi 2005 Win32 […]

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