QuickReport 5 Professional

This version will have significant enhancements, while maintaining compatibility with QR4.

Enhancements include

  • New XML format to save documents.
  • An alternative previewer which does not use metafiles, and allows drill-down and hot-links.
  • Wide character set and UniCode support.
  • Limited page previews.
  • Saved report control to allow nested reports.
  • Improved end-user designer, QRDesign.
  • New QR PowerPack controls including Grid report

Quickreport Development in 2020

First quarter

Release of QR407. This is a maintenance release, free to licence holders. A number of small bug-fixes are
are incorporated.

Second Quarter

Possible release of QR4 for Delphi.NET Winforms. This version is fully .NET and will be compatible
with ASP.NET. We would like some feedback on this. If you think it’s a good idea, please send us an
email with ‘WinForms QR’ in the subject line, giving your views. learn more about software development by clicking here

QuickReport for C#. This version is written entirely in C# and is compatible with Borland and MS C#.
It allows reports to be designed and previewed in the IDE, and comprises the same set of components.
Feedback on QR for C# is welcome.