October 4th, 2020 Delphi 5 update.
The Delphi 5 installer was (also) writing an incorrect registry key for the design time package and has been corrected.  If you are comfortable with editing the registry, you can make a simple change and avoid downloading the package again.  With regedit, look for the following key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Delphi\5.0\Known Packages
There will be a key for the QuickReport package that has the wrong extension.  Change the .dpl extension to .bpl and the package will load the next time you load Delphi 5.   Please do not edit your registry unless you completely understand what you are doing.  An alternative would be to remove QuickReport from the package list and install it again from the Install packages dialog.  The dclqrt50.bpl file will be in the Delphi 5 bin directory.  We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

September 27, 2020 Delphi 5 & Delphi 4 update.
The 3.0.8 fileset for Delphi 5 went out with the compiled 3.0.8 units but had the 3.0.7 source code.  An updated QR308DP5.EXE file has been placed on the download page.  The Delphi 4 installer was writing an incorrect registry key for the design time and has been corrected.  We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

September 20, 2020 QuickReport Professional 3.0.8 for Delphi released.
This release addresses some issues reported since the 3.0.7 release and catches Delphi 3 & 4 up to the Delphi 5 release.  The following problems were addressed:

  • Printing from a preview now works for CompositeReports.  New code added in 3.0.6 broke CompositeReports printing and the original functionality has been restored
  • Print and PrintSetup buttons no longer stay disabled under Windows 2000.
  • RTF export filter now correctly handles text that contains the “\”, “{“, and “}” characters.
  • Printing a range of pages from a report generated by the Prepare no longer prints a blank page

We have made some changes to the installation routine.  For users of the German and French versions of Delphi 4 and Delphi 5, we check the Windows system directory (system32 for NT/2K) for the .de and .fr versions of the qrpt40.bpl/qrpt50.bpl runtime package and display a message box warning.  These runtime packages must be removed or renamed to prevent conflicts with the current runtime package.  The installer will not do anything with these files, you must do this manually.

Another change to the installation routine was to add an option to only install the source code.  When this option is selected, only the source code will be installed.   No files will installed and no registry entries will be added.

Filesets for C++builder 3, 4, and 5 will follow in about a week.  We will put out these files as fast as we can, but we do not have release dates yet.  Please do not ask via email for release dates, this information is posted here as soon as we have it.

May 17,  2000 QuickReport 3.0.7 for Delphi 5 and C++Builder 5 released.
This release addresses some additional printer issues reported since the 3.0.6 release.

March 12, 2000 QuickReport 3.0.6 for Delphi 5 released.
This release addresses printer problems reported for the current line of HP Laserjet printers.  This was a timing issue and the most common problem reported were access violations and program terminations as soon a report was loaded.  This does not address the problems reported for the current line of Epson Stylus printers, that is not related to QuickReport and must be resolved by Epson.

Some other printers that used the same Canon printer engine and base driver code were also affected by this problem.  If you are using the HP 1100 series with Win 95/98 or NT, you will need to obtain the latest driver from HP.  The HP 1100 driver included with Windows 2000 should work without any problems.

We have tried to test as many of the printer/OS combinations that we could. If you still have a printer problem with the 3.0.6, please install the latest driver from the printer vendor before contacting us. Even new printers right out of the box can have a older driver. If you are still having a problem with this release, please contact technical support with all specific hardware and software information.

We will be releasing 3.0.6 filesets for Delphi 3 & 4 and C++Builder 3 & 4 shortly, we want to make sure that this release addressess the printer problem for the Delphi 5 users first.  A C++builder 5 version will follow after the other releases have been put out.  All release date information will be posted on this page and the home page as soon as that information is available.

Some other issues are addressed in this release:

  • Delphi 5 changed the record alignment which caused QuickReport applications compiled with Delphi 5 to be unable to load QRP files saved with previous versions.  Now under Delphi 5, the QRP loading code will adjust the header size if it loads a older QRP file.
  • If autosize is true, the background color and RightFrame were not being drawn in the correct location when printing (preview wass correct).
  • The Preview close code was changed to fix a problem where repeated calls to preview would generate an Access Violation.
  • A bug with how the Custom Page size dimensions were being set in landscape was addressed
  • A small pointer leak when loading QRP files was fixed.
  • A bug in XLS export filter when the report has code to force a new page was addressed.   A new would overwrite the data from the previous page.
  • A Delphi 3 specific bug with right to left alignment was addressed.
  • An Access violation when double-clicking the print button in the standard preview was addressed.

March 5, 2000 Updated RichEdit2 components and KB.
The QuickReport 3 Pro components for the 3rd party RichEdit2 components have been updated on our download page.  Runtime package support has been added and the dependency on the QuickReport 3 designtime package has been removed.  The Knowledge Base has been updated.

February 29, 2000 Windows 2000 support, German & French QuickReport
If you are using QuickReport 3.0.4, this version will not work with Windows 2000.   Version 3.0.5 has been tested with Windows 2000 without any problems specific to QuickReport.
If you are using the German or French versions of Delphi and/or C++Builder, you must remove the localized QuickReport runtime package when installing QuickReport Pro.   Otherwise you will get an Access Violation when trying to use the TQREditor component.  The localized runtime packages will have eithor a “.de” or “.fr” file extension (qrpt50.de for example).

February 22, 2000 Delphi 5.01 update information
Inprise has released the Delphi 5 Update Pack to their web site.   This update is not required for QuickReport 3 but will replace QuickReport 3 Professional with the Standard version that is bundled with Delphi 5 (Pro and Enterprise editions).  If you install the Update Pack, you will need to reinstall QuickReport 3 Professional again.  Just exit Delphi and run the QR self-installing executable and the QR 3 Pro packages will be reinstalled.

February 13, 2000 Updated information for Epson Stylus users
We have contacted Epson technical support about the problems reported for the Color Stylus printers with Delphi.  Their recommended solution has been can be read here.

February 1, 2000 New demo for drawing on the page, information for Epson Stylus and HP Laserjet users
The QR3DRWD3.ZIP demo for QuickReport 3 has been added to the download page.   This demo shows how access the report’s QRPrinter from the BeforePrint/AfterPrint band events to be able to draw directly on the QRPrinter canvas of the current page.   As an example this demo draws a vertical line in the space between the last detail band and a summay band that is aligned to the bottom of the page.  The end result is an unbroken vertical line going down the page.

We are currently investigating reports of problems using QuickReport with the Epson Stylus 460/660/760/860 line of printers.   The problem appears under Win 95/98 is a conflict between Delphi and the printer driver.  Reports from some of the users have indicated that Epson is aware of the problem.  This should correctable with an updated driver from Epson.  Please contact Epson technical support for more information about what driver is needed for you printer.

There is a problem with QuickReport and some of the newer printers from HP.  It appears to be a timing issue and we are working on this for the 3.0.6 release.  When more information is available about the 3.0.6 release, it will be posted here.

January 4th, 2000 PageNumber code for QREditor.
The QR3EDTD3.ZIP demo for QuickReport 3 has been updated to include a PAGENUMBER function that can be used in the QREditor as an expression. The Knowledge Base has also been updated.

December 1st, New Skip Label demo.
QuickReport 3 project written with Delphi 3 that shows two ways of starting a report that starts the labels at a specific spot on the page can be downloaded under the name qr3skipd3.zip.  The qr3cstd3.zip demo has been updated.

November 23rd, New Custom Preview demo.
A Delphi version of the QuickReport 3 Custom Preview demo has been added to the download page under the name qr3cstd3.zip.  Among other things it shows how to trap the CTRL + arrow keys to scroll the preview page and how to prevent the user from resizing the preview.  The QuickReport Knowledge Base has been updated.

November 13th, QuickReport Professional Registration Check.
QBS Software has now handling the worldwide distribution of the QuickReport software for the last few months. Recently QBS sent an e-mail message out to all registered uses that we have on file. This message is a request for all of our registered users fill out a web form to update the product registration information. We use the email addresses on file when we send out update notices. When we released version 3.0.5, we sent out email notifications to all the registered user addresses on file. We found that a great many of the users did not receive the update information.

Please check your details by going to: http://www.qbssoftware.com/quickreport   This is a webform that will allow you to view and edit your details. If they are wrong or incomplete please correct and update them. You will also receive the latest passwords to download files from the QuickReport download page. If you do not have a valid password please enter your details on the form and we will try and locate your registration for you. This will ensure that you will be able to buy an upgrade to the next version.  If you have any questions about the information that we have on file for your QuickReport registration, please email qrservice@qbssoftware.com.

November 8th, QuickReport 1 to QuickReport 3 conversion program.
A simple conversion program that can read a QuickReport 1 report and write a QuickReport 3 file has been added to the download page under the name conv1to3.zip.   It includes the executable program along with the Delphi 5 source code.  It does not do a 100% conversion, but it will greatly ease the task of porting from QuickReport 1.  The source code is commented and you can augment it to fit your report layouts.  The conversion is done by text parsing, you do not have to have QR1 or QR3 installed to run the program.  The QuickReport Knowledge Base has also been updated.

November 7th, TQRChart information for Delphi 5.
The TQRChart component of the TeeChart package is compiled with the version of QuickReport that is bundled with Delphi 5. Upgrading to a newer version of QuickReport will break the package dependency in the QRChart package (qrtee.pas).  TeeMach has posted the source code to the QRTee.pas unit on their site and you can recompile it for the TeeChart package that comes with Delphi 5.  Please email TeeMach directly for any questions about installing their component.

October 8th, QuickReport 3 Professional Demos updated.
The QuickReport 3 Pro demos for have been updated on our download page.   There are versions for Delphi 3 & 4, and for C++Builder 3 &4.  Delphi 5 users can use the Delphi 4 demo.  Several new examples were added (QRPHandles, Printing Page X of XX, Printing alternate text on the back of Duplex reports, how to call the WMF filter in code, etc).  Due to some limitations with C++Builder 3, a couple of the demos have been disabled, but the C++Builder 4 demo has the same examples as the Delphi demos.  If you can not compile the C++Builder 4 demo, please read the notes for September 15th.

October 2nd, Delphi Tech Alert for September 30th.
If you subscribe to the Developer Support Delphi mailing list, the mailing sent out for Sept 30th has some incorrect information about QuickReport 3.0.5.  It states that this release fixes a problem with the title length, and that is not correct.   The title length is defined by the tprinter object, not in QuickReport.  Our coe passes the report’s title property defined as string and we do not impose any length limitations.  This limitation was addressed in Delphi 5.  Installing QuickReport 3.0.5 into Delphi 3 or 4 or into C++Builder will not fix this problem.

September 28th, RX Library and InfoPower 2000 components.
The files qrrx.zip and qrip.zip has been added to the download page.  The qrrx.zip contains components written for the TRXRichEdit component from the RX Library  The qrip.zip contains components written for the TwwDBRichEdit component from the InfoPower 2000 package from Woll2Woll Software. These components are similiar to TRichEdit, but they use either the RichEdit 2 or the RichEdit 3 common control (riched20.dll) that comes with Win98, NT 4, and Office 98. This should address some of the bugs inherent to the RichEdit common control. For any questions regarding the RX Library or InfoPower components, please contact the authors directly using the email addresses posted on their web sites.  The QuickReport Knowledge Base has been updated.

September 15th, QuickReport demos for C++Builder
Some users have reported problems compiling the QR3 demos with C++Builder   If you get an errors indicating that the files VCLMID40.bpi and DSS40.bpi (or other files) could not be found, then you will need to eithor edit the project file (.bpr) and remove the references to the files that you do not have, OR just delete the project file and create a new one using the source code from the demo.

September 14th, Missing DCP files QuickReport 3.0.5 Standard for Delphi 4
The 3.0.5 Standard fileset for Delphi 4 is missing the qrpt40.dcp and dclqrt40.dcp files.  These files are required for compiling any package that uses QuickReport 3.  The dcp files are can be found under the name d4stddcp.zip on our download page.  These files are for the Standard version and can not be used with the Professional version.

September 12th, QuickReport 3.0.5 Professional for Delphi 5
The full install file set for the QuickReport 3.0.5 Professional for Delphi 5 has been posted to our download page.

September 9th, 1999 RichEdit98 component
The file qrrich98.zip has been added to the download page.  This file set contains the freeware TRichEdit98 component.written by Alexander Obukhov with a QuickReport 3 Professional component that can use it.  TRichEdit98 is similiar to TRichEdit, but it uses either the RichEdit 2 or the RichEdit 3 common control (riched20.dll) that comes with Win98, NT 4, and Office 98. This should address some of the bugs inherent to the RichEdit common control. For any questions regarding the TRichEdit98 component, please contact the author directly using the email address included in the file set.

September 8th, 1999 Demos and Knowledge Base updated
The Delphi versions of the QuickReport 3 Demo project have been updated.   Several new reports were added to show how to use the TQRPHandler class, using the Prepare method to print “Page X off XX”, and a simple mailing label report using multiple columns.  The C++ version of this demo will be updated in the next few days.   The QuickReport Knowledge Base has been updated to include information about the 3.0.5 release.  There may be a problem with the current Delphi 3 3.0.5 installer, it looks like it is not installing the qrwizard.dcu file to the lib directory.  The source code was installed to the quickrpt directory so you should be able to compile it by adding it to a project or rebuilding the package and then moving the file to the lib directory.

September 6th, 1999 Problem with C++Builder installer, TQREditor issue
The installer for the C++Builder 4 version 3.0.5 is copying two files to the wrong location.  This will be addressed with a new file set.  In the meantime, you can copy the qrlabled.* files from the qbuilder4\lib directory to the cbuilder4\lib\obj directory.  There is a known issue with the TQREditor component in 3.0.5 (all compilers) where setting the ShowMenu property to true at designtime will cause an error.  The work around is to leave it set to false at design time and set it to true at run time.   The Delphi QREditor demo has been ported to C++Builder and will be posted to the download page.

September 3rd, 1999 QuickReport 3 Users Guide released
The Users Guide has been released in MS Word 97 format.  It can be downloaded from our download page.

September 2nd, 1999 Update to 3.0.5 full install file sets
New versions of the 3.0.5.file sets have been released for Delphi 3 and Delphi 4.   This addresses problems with the Delphi 4 dfm files being included in the Delphi 3 file set.  A minor cosmetic change to the QREditor was added to this release.   The C++Builder 4 full install has been released with the C++Builder 3 to follow shortly.  The source code only file sets will be updated later.  The 3.0.5 Standard version for Delphi 4 has also been released.  This is the update for the evaluation version of QuickReport bundled with Delphi 4.

August 31st, 1999 Update to Delphi 4 source file set.
There was a typo in the sample batch file included in the fileset that